In the studio & upcoming shows!

Good day to all & sundry,

This week catches us in the middle of a short run of shows in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, with one down & two to go. We learned that it actually does get cold in QLD, who’d have thunk it?

The reception at The Joynt, though was BLISTERING! Deadweight Express & Bare White Knuckles doing a fine job of prepping the punters for our set. It was great to see so many Rumjack veterans and welcome more than a few freshies, the new guy’s keen to prove their worth by defying the ‘No Mosh’ rule in place on the night.. Respect!

We took the opportunity to field test a few new tunes, and after witnessing the beautiful mayhem first-hand, our very capable Producer has given us his Sagely nod.. We are now locked in & confirmed to go ahead and record a massive new album in a few short weeks!!!

We’ll each prepare for recording in our own unique way. One will go bowling in Las Vegas, one will visit a Buddhist temple, another will climb trees, one will cut firewood & brew chai while another will play surrogate father to a pair of Chihahuas – Who said all the Rock & Roll Danger-boys are dead?!!

Prior to that we still have 2 shows at The Teagardens Hotel in Sydney on the 10th and at The Bendigo Hotel on the 16th, so come on out & get messy with us before we go into lockdown.

Get ‘em in!..


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