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‘Sleepin’ Rough’ – New studio album from The Rumjacks

Announcing The Rumjacks 3rd studio album “Sleepin’ Rough” – out August 5!

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It’s what’s become vintage Rumjacks; there’s no point beating about the bush, it’s out the gate and straight down to business.

Recorded at Bomba Studios in regional Victoria, Sleepin’ Rough, the Sydney quintet’s third long-player, picks up where 2015’s Sober & Godless left off. Booming from the get-go with ‘Patron Saint Of Thieves’, a thundering punk aesthetic intertwined through the group’s Irish and Scottish musical heritage, this album is full throttle, all spit and bile, raucous and real.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking The Rumjacks are just an angry bunch of punks. Far from it – their music, while hard and fast for the most part, carries with it an element of fun and frivolity, harking back to their Old Country roots, places where music is an integral part of community gathering, soundtracking the times with an almost savage joy.

And this is Sleepin’ Rough. The melodic‘A Fistful O’ Roses’, the acoustic‘Les Darcy’, the ska-esque ‘Kathleen’, all carry a cheeky bonhomie, sometimes belying their subject matter, but always bringing a smile, a head-nod, a foot-tap. These tracks sit tidily alongside flat-out punk (the opener, ‘Dead To Me’, ‘Zielona Gora’), and the band’s now trademark mixture of the two.

As frontman Frankie McLaughlin has said, they’re not trying to reinvent anything, they’re just trying to produce the best songs they can in order to make a connection with the people listening. And that’s what Sleepin’ Rough is too – a clutch of real songs written and performed by real people, for other real people. Stories of life, love and loss, set to a throbbing beat. Sleepin’ Rough sees The Rumjacks in career best form.

First single ‘A Fistful O’ Roses’ was released in May…


Hi everyone! Johnny here. Right now we are currently in the middle of a nice long European tour and enjoying every second. The shows have been great and have been seeing some amazing parts of the world. Feeling very blessed!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are VERY happy to announce that we will be releasing our third full length album ‘Sleepin’ Rough’ through Four | Four Records on August 5.

We spent a little over two weeks locked away in country Victoria in Bomba Studios with Steve James once again steering the ship and producing this new record.
This is the first time we have ever packed our bags, headed out to the middle of no where, locked our selves in one big room and recorded an album. It was new, scary, exciting and worth every second. We are very proud of this album and can not wait to share it with you all.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Much love and thanks.

The Rumjacks. 

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