BIGSOUND is kicking off again on Wednesday in Brisbane and it  is all about the music, but this year in particular the organizers at Qmusic have put a strong emphasis on issues for women both in the music industry and our community in general.  A campaign around women’s safety in live music venues, and violence against women is #noton is a campaign that Sydney band The Rumjacks endorse wholeheartedly.

#noton is a Brisbane initiated movement:

BIGSOUND and venues will have staff wearing #noton campaign t-shirts, making a commitment to involve themselves in an on going project designed to train venue staff and security around better dealing with and responding to women’s safety in live music venues.

Frankie McLaughlin, lead singer of The Rumjacks, was convicted in 2012 of charges pertaining to assaulting a former partner. He has pledged his support for the principals of #noton – ultimately, to see a world and an industry where women are not subjected to any form of violence.

The Rumjacks have committed to discussing with QMusic, #noton during the event and discussing how to move forward in support of these campaigns.

The Rumjacks will perform at BIGSOUND on Thurs 10th September, at The Foundry at 11.20pm.

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